AXE-APOLLO | helium balloon

We developed this balloon project in collaboration with balloon expert AIR-ELEMENTS and branding agency DOKYO for the launch and the campaign of their new fragrance "Apollo" which will finally choose one German citizen and send him to space. The modeling texturing and construction as well as the creation of the final print patterns was a highly complicated and sometimes frustrating process which demanded a lot of research and the use of a wide range of digital tools to finally come up with this design. It's now shaped nicely (minor issues currently fixed), inflatable with helium and ready for take off.

First inflation tests of the final 12m tall balloon right after production
360°-shooting of the astronaut and the model
Footage from the shooting (left) as reference for 3D modeling the shape of the balloon (right)
Workflow (3D-modelling, texturing, UV-mapping, unfolding, pattern creation)
Head evaluation in polygon modeler and after importing 3D-data and textures to a NURBS-modeler for further construction and unfolding to 2D-patterns
Head 3D-to-2D unfolding process evatuation for further pattern creation
FInal unfolded shapes
3D-positioning of the valves and connection points for the final safety, connection and controlling ropes
Fully textured 3D-model ready to export to a NURBS-modeling programme
Back view of the fully textured 3D-model. Astonishing real result on relatively simple shapes through applied textures of the 360°-shooting
Ready to take off — fully assembled and inflated balloon lifted by 11m³ helium gas
APOLLO campaign — due to the introduction of their new fragrance AXE wants to shoot one lucky German winner to space

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