First inflation tests of the final 12m tall balloon right after production
360°-shooting of the astronaut and the model
Footage from the shooting (left) as reference for 3D modeling the shape of the balloon (right)
Workflow (3D-modelling, texturing, UV-mapping, unfolding, pattern creation)
Head evaluation in polygon modeler and after importing 3D-data and textures to a NURBS-modeler for further construction and unfolding to 2D-patterns
Head 3D-to-2D unfolding process evatuation for further pattern creation
FInal unfolded shapes
3D-positioning of the valves and connection points for the final safety, connection and controlling ropes
Fully textured 3D-model ready to export to a NURBS-modeling programme
Back view of the fully textured 3D-model. Astonishing real result on relatively simple shapes through applied textures of the 360°-shooting
Ready to take off — fully assembled and inflated balloon lifted by 11m³ helium gas
APOLLO campaign — due to the introduction of their new fragrance AXE wants to shoot one lucky German winner to space

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