I have created a group of upholstered seating inspired by the questioning of traditional domestic decor – the "Cozy Collection".
Applying the principals of Cubism to design, amongst others I deconstructed the traditional shapes and detailing of a “dad’s chair” and the “family room sofa” into simplified geometric shapes and interlocking planes.
Working with New York gallery Todd Merrill Studio and Berlin based master upholsterer Jürgen Nowel the resulting seating is hand-crafted with the highest possible level of materials and workmanship.

I describe the pieces as “Living Sculptures", which puts the traditional views about comfort and taste into question.
The “dad’s chair” a wing back style that dates back centuries has been re-analyzed, broken down and reassembled into the “Cozy Chair.” It is both fractured and asymmetric but perfectly meeting the demands of ergonomics. Angular and yet cozy, sculptural and yet functional. I tried to achieve a unique balance that makes The Cozy Chair an relevant work of design. The faceted planes meet elegantly giving the chair changing perspectives with each glance. This design is both a deconstruction and commentary on the mechanization of modern life.

Ultimately, I didn’t want to make just furniture. It was much more important for me that although all objects function, the design objects should become objects for discussion, in order to lead the theoretical design discourse to new ways and approaches.

Upholstered in Dessin Fournir bottle green silk velvet with bronze wrapped hard wood legs, the chair is both elegant and provocative and ultimately comfortable.
Todd Merrill Studio Booth at DesignMiami/Basel 2018