This project is a custom project for a private client.
The task was to create a L-shaped version of the 'Cozy Sofa' for the living room of a penthouse in New York City with a 'transition' from the asymmetric 'Cozy' style to a more harmonic, faceted design.

The initial shape of the Cozy Sofa was created by hand with modeling clay as a sculpture and later 3D scanned, undergone a full surface re-topology. 
Then I ergonomically adjusted the surfaces via 1:1 scale models to define the final shape.
The complex wooden frame and upholstery were developed in collaboration with master-craftsman on site in Berlin and New York with the help of my gallery Todd Merrill Studio, upholstered in golden silk velvet by Dessin Fournier and added hand-casted bronze legs by artist Markus Haase who is also represented by Todd Merrill Studio.